VET-MR 0.2 T - Veterinary MRI systems, Veterinary CT scanners

VET-MR 0.2 T

DESCRIPTION OF VET-MR 0.2 T - Veterinary MRI systems, Veterinary CT scanners

Nowadays, MRI is the preferred modality for imaging any kind of soft tissue and is the method of choice for imaging trauma and pathologies of the central nervous system and joints. The specific features of Vet-MR make this imaging modality available also for the veterinary field.

Open design and tailored patient bed

Complete set of dedicated optimized coils

Full set of pre-defined sequences and protocols for veterinary purpose

Windows based user interface customized for "vet" environment featuring "vet" terminology

Multi planar scout

Real time imaging tool for animal positioning

User customized examination protocols for specific clinical needs

Easy installation: single room of 18 m² needed

Maintenance-free open permanent magnet

Low Power Consumption: less than 1.3 Kw

0.2 Tesla field

Light Patented RF Shielding

Standard available anaesthesia equipment can be used

Extensive image viewing, analysis and elaboration tools

Sophisticated storage functionality particularly useful for systems connected to PACS network

Full DICOM connectivity

SPECIFICATION OF VET-MR 0.2 T - Veterinary MRI systems, Veterinary CT scanners

System type: veterinary MRI system
Type of animal: for pets
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