Lactate Scout+ - Other point-of-care testing devices

Lactate Scout+

DESCRIPTION OF Lactate Scout+ - Other point-of-care testing devices

EKF Diagnostics, known for excellent products and being excellent in terms of reliability features Lactate Scout+, one of the latest and most innovative hand-held lactate analyzers that needs capillary blood of 0.2 µl only while returning results within 10 seconds. One can store maximum of 250 results on the device memory while featuring countdown timers and stopwatch for estimating performance. The Bluetooth connectivity and integrated step test function make Lactate Scout+ the latest lactate meter that is available in the market. The device has been developed for being used in field as a training partner for sports team or individuals. Since the device is an essential measurement for several different kinds of athlete, Lactate Scout+ performs its function in temperature ranging from 5 to 45 centigrade even in maximum humidity of 85%. The operation of the instrument is intuitive with the use of a simple menu structure along with scroll wheel navigation. A superior quality backlit screen facilitates unrivaled readability even when the viewing angles and changing light condition changes. This modern equipment is run by Two 'AAA' batteries. can take care of all your needs, from providing you with detailed info and photos of our products to connecting you with the suppliers. Our partners can offer brand new medical equipment and excellent price – quality ratio. We are happy to provide our clients with an opportunity to find needed medical equipment online and choose a rich assortment of devices.
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