Other point-of-care testing devices

In this category, everyone can find information about such laboratory equipment as other point-of-care testing devices from best companies at our online catalog and ask directly required manufacturer for a price and quotation. Suppliers and vendors from every part of the world can order these point-of-care testing devices for their customers and clinics.

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Other point-of-care testing devices are devices and tools used to diagnose a condition near the point of care or near (for example, near the patient's bed in the hospital or near it's bed at home when a doctor is visiting him).

Point-of-care testing devices give quick results on different sorts of a medical test: test glucose and cholesterol levels, do electrolyte and enzyme analysis, drug abuse tests or for infectious diseases, do pregnancy tests.

Point-of-care testing devices are portable, convenience, quick. These other point-of-care testing devices provide connectivity, sample quality, and quality assurance.

Point-of-care testing devices can also perform such tests as blood gasses, cardiac markers, fecal occult blood.

Any general physician can perform and interpret these tests within a few minutes. Quick test results of point-of-care testing devices give a possibility to act upon them without a delay.

The major benefit of using other point-of-care testing devices is immediately testing results within an electronic medical record. Test records can be transmitted to the computer or smartphone or shared will all members of the medical team through the cloud software.

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