Microplate Reader TopRead 4000 - Microplate readers

Microplate Reader TopRead 4000

DESCRIPTION OF Microplate Reader TopRead 4000 - Microplate readers

• Biochromatic optic system with 4 wavelengths

• Touch screen easy to use

• Compatible with various microplate such as flat plate, Uplate and V plate etc.

• Automatic calibration, plus efficient alarm function

• Quick testing, user friendly, reliable

• Various testing method which support qualitative test, quantitative test, grade test and kinetic quantitative test.

• Multi standard calibration, able to choose different formula such as linearity, quadratic curve, power function curve, exponential function curve, logarithmic function,cubic spline curve

• Plate shake function can be adjusted

• Compact design with internal thermal printer


Display: 240 × 128 LCD ( Touch Panel )

Suitable Microplate Type: 96 wells, Flat bottom, U bottom, V bottom

Shake 3 kind of intensity

Memory: 200 programs, 1000 plates result

Light Source: 12V, 20W Halogen

Wavelength range: 400nm to 750nm

Optical sensor: 8 photodiode

Standard filters interference: filter 405, 450, 492, 630nm

Reading speed: single wavelength 5 sec.

Absorbance range: 0.000 to 3.500 ABS

Resolution: 0.001 ABS

96 wells accuracy CV is less than 1.8% ( lower sample 0.200 ABS )

CV is less than 2.0% ( higher sample 2.000 ABS )

Single well accuracy

CV is less than 1.0% ( lower sample 0.200 ABS )

CV is less than 1.5% ( higher sample 2.000 ABS )

Linearity: 0—2.000 coefficient more than 0.999

0—3.000 coefficient more than 0.99

Drift: 0.010 ABS/20 min.

Internal printer: 58mm thermal printer

Voltage: AC 100-260V, 50/60Hz

Power: 75 VA

Working temperature: 10°C – 30°C

Working humidity: less than 85%

Storage temperature: 0°C – 55°C

Storage humidity: less than 95%

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