iMark™ Microplate Absorbance Reader - Microplate readers

iMark™ Microplate Absorbance Reader

DESCRIPTION OF iMark™ Microplate Absorbance Reader - Microplate readers

The iMark™ Microplate Absorbance Reader, with a wavelength range of 400–750 nm, is an economical, high-performance solution for a wide range of applications, including immunoassays with colorimetric substrates, such as ELISA, and protein assays such as Bradford and Lowry. The instrument can be used as a stand-alone reader or be controlled by a PC or Mac with Microplate Manager® 6 Software

Features and Benefits of the iMark Reader

Fast microplate reading speeds

Extensive onboard assay configuration

Powerful data analysis capabilities

Convenient built-in shaker

Space-saving, wide-format internal thermal graphical printer

Simplified standalone operation

Compact, easy-to-use, and lightweight design

Compatible with different types of 96-well microplates (flat, U-, V-bottom) and 8- or 12-well strip plates; maximum plate height: 16 mm

Features and Benefits of the iMark Reader Onboard Software

Wide applicability for life science and clinical laboratories

Programmable kinetic reading

Security login that allows locking and unlocking of key protocol settings by the administrator

Generous memory capacity for protocol creation and storage

Comprehensive curve-fit selections

Extensive reporting functions

Preprogrammed protocols for the Checkmark™ Reader performance verification kit, to validate the IQ/OQ/PQ of the iMark Reader in compliance with GLP

Other life science and specialized protocols included such as for the Bio-Rad TSE kits and a growing number of food testing and clinical kits

The iMark Reader comes with six standard absorbance filters: 415, 450, 490, 595, 655, and 750 nm. Bio-Rad also supplies custom filters at 5 nm intervals from 400 to 750 nm on request.

The iMark Microplate Absorbance Reader is registered with the FDA as a medical device for clinical chemistry applications.

Plate Compatibility

Compatible with standard 96-well microplates 128 mm L x 88 mm W

Plate height cannot exceed 16 mm

Clear flat-bottom plates are recommended such as Bio-Rad's Costar 96–Well Flat–Bottom EIA Plate (2240096)

U-Bottom plates can be used, but V-bottom plates are not recommended

SPECIFICATION OF iMark™ Microplate Absorbance Reader - Microplate readers

Applications: ELISA
Detection mode: absorbance, colorimetric
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