Autoblot 3000 (for Western blot) - Blotting systems

Autoblot 3000 (for Western blot)

DESCRIPTION OF Autoblot 3000 (for Western blot) - Blotting systems

AUTOBLOT 3000 is an automated instrument for reagent dispensing, incubation with longitudinal agitation, washing and reaction stop.


Autoblot 3000 has a low profile and small footprint that minimize desktop space.



The specially designed tray platform and unique dispense and aspiration systems produce accurate, highly reproducible results. Since the instrument controls incubation times, dispense volumes and stringent washes, you consistently get reliable runs.



Simply turn on the instrument, load the strips, add your samples and the AutoBlot 3000 takes it from there. Operator intervention is kept at a minimum, freeing you for other work. In addition, the AutoBlot 3000 can be programmed for overnight processing.




Allows simultaneous processing of up to 20 samples.

Disposable sample reaction tray.

Uses peristaltic pumps: Maximum reliability and precision

Dispensing up to six different reagents per run: This feature, combined with to the standardised protocol allows the processing of two different bioblot assays in the same run.

Allows programming of up to 10 different protocol assays from the keyboard or by using an external computer.

Incubation times can be fixed or variable with a manual stop.

Safety system for recovery of the assay should a power failure occur during the run. The instrument will prompt the user to either continue from the last step or to abort the run.

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