Amersham WB System - Blotting systems

Amersham WB System

DESCRIPTION OF Amersham WB System - Blotting systems

Amersham WB System

Fully integrated system for SDS-PAGE and Western blotting of proteins based on fluorescence detection.


Integrated Western blotting system with standardized protocols in every step minimizes assay variability.

Dedicated consumables and reagents ensure high quality and reproducibility.

Optimized prelabeling of samples with Cy5 NHS chemistry for proven performance, eliminating the need for gel staining.

Reliable normalization by multiplexing target and control fluorescent signals on the same blot.

Western blot workflow achieved in less than 4 h ensures fast, conclusive data.

Smart control and evaluation software gives you complete control.

The Amersham WB system consists of the Amersham WB analyzer, Amersham WB software, and dedicated consumables for electrophoresis and Western blotting.


Amersham WB Analyzer

The Amersham WB analyzer is divided into two instrument units—one for electrophoresis and scanning and one for the full Western blot workflow including transfer, probing, and

drying. The electrophoresis & scanning unit is used to separate SDS-treated sample proteins in a polyacrylamide gel. It is also used to scan gels after electrophoresis and scan polyvinylidene (PVDF) cards after probing and drying in a Western experiment.


The Western unit is used to: (1) transfer separated proteins in the gel to the PVDF membrane; (2) probe proteins on the membrane with primary antibodies and secondary antibodies conjugated to a CyDye; (3) dry the PVDF cards (before scanning in the electrophoresis & scanning unit). The Amersham WB system provides standardized, quantitative, and reproducible analysis of proteins in your samples in a significantly shorter time compared with traditional workflows/procedures.


Amersham WB Software

The Amersham WB system supports many applications from quick screening of protein composition or abundance to advanced quantitative analysis for comparing protein levels between samples. Amersham WB software guides you to the appropriate application and offers default protocols, detection settings, and evaluation for each step.


Amersham WB Consumables and Reagents

Amersham WB Cy5 labeling kit: Proteins prelabeled with Cy5 can be directly detected in the gel after electrophoresis without the need for gel staining.


Amersham WB MiniTrap kit: Designed for rapid and convenient clean-up of protein samples containing imidazole prior to labeling with Amersham WB Cy5 dye reagent. Buffer exchange is necessary since imidazole considerably reduces labeling efficiency.


Amersham WB Gel Card: Dedicated Amersham WB gel card consumables are available to ensure convenient SDS-PAGE. The Amersham WB gel card cassette and solid buffer format, together with horizontal loading of the sample, allow fast and easy handling and setup.

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