MCO-170MUVH Multi gas Incubator - Laboratory incubators

MCO-170MUVH Multi gas Incubator

DESCRIPTION OF MCO-170MUVH Multi gas Incubator - Laboratory incubators

So comfortable, your cells will feel In Vivo

The latest Panasonic MCO-170MUVH multi gas incubator offers the most precise regulation of oxygen and other gases, while maintaining superior temperature uniformity, contamination control, and usability. This model comes standard with the UV lamp built in and the H2O2 decontamination board.


The Dual Infra Red sensor achieves ultra-fast CO2 recovery without overshoot, even following multiple door openings whilst the unique solid Zirconia O2 sensor delivers precise control of physiological oxygen levels to simulate in vivo conditions.




Sensitive Cell Culturing

Culturing cells at physiologi­cal oxygen levels allows them to grow faster, live longer, and experience fewer mutations. The MCO-170M Multi-gas incubator helps to achieve more accurate results when culturing cells at physiological oxygen levels and is therefore ideally suited for mammalian tissue research applications, cellular therapy, stem cell research, pathophysiological studies and pharmaceutical production processes.

SPECIFICATION OF MCO-170MUVH Multi gas Incubator - Laboratory incubators

Type: O2, multi-gas, CO2
Applications: cell culture, cellular research, for IVF, pharmaceutical industry, for microbiolog
Configuration: floor-standing, stackable
Capacity: 161 l (42.53 gal)
Temperature range: Min.: 5 °C (41 °F) Max.: 50 °C (122 °F)
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