Laboratory incubators

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A laboratory incubator is a container with regulated temperature in which chemical reactions happen. Laboratory incubators are used to grow and maintain microbiological and cell cultures in a laboratory.

Laboratory incubators can be of different sizes (from table-top units to large systems) and can include a programmable timer to cycle through different temperatures and humidity levels.

Laboratory incubators provide safe, reliable work with cell and tissue cultures because of temperature, humidity, and CO2 regulations.

Laboratory incubators can be air- or water-jacketed which provide temperature regulations.

There are two main categories of laboratory incubators: the CO2 incubators and microbiological incubators.

Types of laboratory incubators:

1) General Purpose Laboratory Incubators (provide temperature uniformity and a high-level performance due to a precise microprocessor controller and a warm air jacket)
2) CO2 Laboratory Incubators (used mainly for cell culture. Combine contamination/decontamination control, temperature and CO2 control)
3) Refrigerated Laboratory Incubators (low-temperature incubators)

Laboratory incubators are the necessary equipment for a laboratory as they provide a contaminant free environment regulating temperature, CO2, and humidity. Laboratory incubators also deliver a high-level performance for a dependable and reliable controlled in-vitro environment in a  laboratory providing optimum tissue culture work.

Laboratory incubators should have such functions as sample desiccation and evaporation prevention of media, contamination, and easy decontamination; variable oxygen, CO2, humidity and temperature control; energy efficiency.  Such functions as programmable alarms, data storage, integrated touch-screen, removable shelves are additional to laboratory incubators and make them easy and more convenient to use.

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