Warm 6100 - Warming mattresses

Warm 6100

DESCRIPTION OF Warm 6100 - Warming mattresses

Professional Design for Laminar Operating Room

X-Ray translucent – non-metal heating material ,no effect on imaging examination during operation.

Easy to use:Electric, easy for operator and patient.

No airborne contamination - It doesn’t affect surgical environment and

sterile field.

Easy to clean: Popular clean and disinfect prodedures is fine.

Variable sizes - Mattresses are available in a wide variety of sizes

and dimensions to suit different applications and clinical needs.

More Effective Heating Performance

Flexible carbon fiber heating technology - It features of fast heating, high thermal efficiency, high strength and long service life.

Even heat distributing - It gives uniform heating across the whole surface and temperature fluctuation is little as well.

Pressure-relief layer with high elasticity - It provides larger surface contact area and higher conductivity, and offers high efficient warming effect for patients. It plays very import role for preventing pressure ucler.

High safety mattress

Low voltage operation – It ensures the safety of both patients and users.

IPX7 waterproof grade - Any harm won't be caused even if put the mattress into 1-meter deep water.

Economic & Environment Protection

No disposables - Its overall running cost is much lower than the contraditional airbone blanket. It is available for all patients at no extra cost.

Silent operation – It easily integrates into the hospital environment and makes no noise pollution.

Low energy use - Save on your electric bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

Cost effective –shorten hospitalization for patients, improve bed-ward turnaround time, and reduce hospital operating costs.

SPECIFICATION OF Warm 6100 - Warming mattresses

Applications: operating table
Other characteristics: waterproof, warming
Technology: dynamic air
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