Pediatric wheelchairs

This online catalog contains information about medical equipment and devices from suppliers based in different regions of the world. In this category, you will find pediatric wheelchairs from different manufacturers around the world.

Pediatric wheelchairs are chairs with wheels, used when various illness, injuries or disabilities prevent people from walking. Manufacturers can provide pediatric wheelchairs according to specific needs of users. Any wheelchair can be specialized, have adapted settings, individualized control options, or can be created especially for particular activities such as sports or visitations to the beach.

There is a wide range of pediatric wheelchairs, according to mechanisms or technologies. Some wheelchairs are designed for single actions, others for daily use.

There are also two mostly known types of wheelchairs that differentiate from each other by their working principle. Powered wheelchairs have batteries and electric motors and a user only has to power the wheelchair on. Another type of wheelchairs are manually propelled, when the user has to push the wheelchair by hand, or another person has to help him/her.

Pediatric wheelchairs are designed to hold the user tight in the sitting position and to reduce the possibility to hurt a user’s body areas that are at risk. Pediatric wheelchair cushions provide stability, comfort, and correct posture.

There are various types of wheelchairs:

• Manual self-propelled wheelchairs
• Manual attendant-propelled wheelchairs
• Powered wheelchairs
• Mobility scooters
• Single-arm drive wheelchairs
• Reclining wheelchairs
• Standing wheelchairs
• Sports wheelchairs
• Wheelchair stretchers
• All-terrain wheelchairs
• Self-Balancing Wheelchairs
• Smart wheelchairs
• Technological developments

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