Chunc 45˚ - Pediatric wheelchairs

Chunc 45˚

DESCRIPTION OF Chunc 45˚ - Pediatric wheelchairs

Chunc 45˚

Key Features

x-small, small, medium, large

Seat Depth - 220mm - 480mm

Seat Width - 150mm - 430mm

Back Rest Height - 360mm - 660mm

Seat to Heel - 210mm - 480mm

Suitable for indoor & outdoor use

Tailored to individual needs

Crash Tested ISO 7176 (ANSI RESNA) part 19

45˚ Tilt

2 year warranty

Up to 75kgs user weight

The Chunc 45° children's wheelchair makes a vital contribution to a 24 hour postural management programme.

The adaptability and versatility of our chunc support options enable therapists to optimally position and support the wheelchair user. This ensures that the most biomechanically efficient position of the pelvis and spine can be achieved as well as ensuring excellent support to the thighs, feet and head.

Using this highly effective and comfortable postural management system, the child will achieve an improvement in the facilitation of cognitive, communicative and functional skills. This provides a solid foundation for enhanced participation with friends, carers and parents. Furthermore, it ensures that the child is optimally supported to prevent or reduce deformity, or accommodate deformity and prevent furrther deterioration.

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SPECIFICATION OF Chunc 45˚ - Pediatric wheelchairs

Applications: pediatric
Propulsion: passive
Features: height-adjustable, reclining
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