RS985LBJ-38 - Pediatric wheelchairs


DESCRIPTION OF RS985LBJ-38 - Pediatric wheelchairs


Wheelchair particularly suitable for children or small people.

The brakes at handles are easily activated by a thrust down to be locked by the attendant.

Brakes are also lockable by the user by pushing the levers at the wheels.

Lightweight aluminum structure.

Detachable headrest, height and angle adjustable.

Detachable T-type armrests, height and width adjustable, made of comfortable soft plastic, and equipped with protection to avoid damaging clothing.

Robust pneumatic rear wheels (tube), offering a comfortable ride, thanks to its metal spokes.

Semi-hard front wheels, backrest and seat padded, detachable and angle-adjustable.

Positioning cushions and pelvic positioning belts included.

Calf support in removable fabric.

Folding footrest with adjustable length pallets.

Adjustable and detachable anti-tilt wheels.

Four attachment points for transportation (in a vehicle).

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SPECIFICATION OF RS985LBJ-38 - Pediatric wheelchairs

Applications: pediatric
Propulsion: passive
Features: folding, with headrest, with legrest
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