LID is a family company founded by Pierre SIMAR in 1995. In 1999, the company acquired its supplier, Sotramet, a manufacturer of lighting since 1930. Today, LID carries on this heritage with unrivalled expertise and knowledge in the creation of technical lighting for industrial and medical use.

We sell medical devices (DM class I) intended for use by professionals: hospitals, healthcare facilities and medical centers. Our products can only be obtained from specialized retailers.

Our range of lights is designed and made in France in our workshops in Lambesc, using parts that are principally French-made, fully respecting European standards (CE marking). The company is certified ISO 9001.

We are a team of seven, passionate about what we do and getting our work done correctly. We are concentrated on innovating and building great relations with our clients and suppliers.

LID upholds a climate of confidence and seriousness; we are grateful towards our partners who enable our company to thrive and continue.

We export 40 % of our production worldwide.

We at LID, stand out from our competitors because :

- We make our products in France, using French-made parts in a process that is quality orientated.

- We offer top of the range products for reasonable prices.

- We are always available to listen to and act on our clients’ requests.


All stages, from manufacturing toafter-sales service, are performed according to the ISO 9001 standard (certified by Bureau Veritas), and fully respect all relevant European standards and directives, guaranteeing an irreproachable level of service. All our products are guaranteed for three years and we conserve a stock of spare parts for 10 years after a product is discontinued.


The light-assembler mounts completely every light. He is responsible for from A-Z, and "signs" his work by placing a traceability number on each light. At LID, tasks are not fragmented as in Taylorism or Scientific Management, nor is our supply chain "Just-in-Time", we prefer to privilege quality. Our inventory of spare parts is very large and allows us to reply very quickly to large or urgent orders, which enables us to maintain the quality of our products in a calm working environment!

LID deliberately uses French components (around 90 %), coming from suppliers with whom we have developed strong and lasting partnerships.

Our products are manufactured to a very high degree of quality, guaranteeing them for safe and intensive use for many years.


LID’s lights are an excellent reply to the current demand for sustainable products with low environmental impact: the materials are noble and are easily recycled.


LID’s examination lights differ from those of competitors by their sleek lines, the quality of materials used and their high light output. We have drawn on all our skill to create these lights that combine technical expertise with design. We choose to use flexible steel goose necks for our lights as they are resistant and silent, they do not weaken, they do not need to be adjusted, and their PVC sheath allows easy cleaning and so high levels of hygiene can be maintained. The majority of our lights are equipped with swivel joints between the neck and the lamp head, allowing 360° of rotation (with a stopper) and up to 90° of tilt, allowing the light to be positioned precisely.

Very high quality plastics are used (PA6, with mineral filler and 30 % of glass fibre that satisfies a 960°C glow-wire test). They are easily cleaned with cleaning products commonly used in the medical community.

We make several ranges of lights with different light sources: LED, halogen, infrared and fluorescent.

In order to offer a variety of solutions that are adapted to everyone’s needs, all our lights can be fixed upon different mountings (find all our fittings on pages 22-25).

We design and make custom-made lighting for particular applications such as machinery, vehicles, and apparatus on request… Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs!

You find all this information and more on our website:

Address: Street: 36, AVENUE JEAN MONNET

Postcode: 13410  City: LAMBESC  Contry: FRANCE