HYDRA LED LAMP BI-HEAD - Hospital lighting




Due to their low energy usage, low heat output, good colour rendering, and exceptional luminous efficiency, LED lights have become the main form of artificial lighting in care units today. For our lights, we have selected highperformance LED (130–140 lumens/Watt) with colour temperatures (4500 Kelvin or "neutral white") that are visually comfortable and do not alter tones under their light.

We do not use ordinary LED light bulbs, whose specifications render them inadequate for technical uses such as for surgery or dermatology. The LED we use are soldered onto a printed circuit board that is efficiently cooled by a heat sink. Like this a minimum working life of 50,000 hours, or around 25 years of intensive use is achievable.


This very ergonomic LED light has two separate heads attached with flexible arms to a central gooseneck. Each head can be positioned individually, either to precisely illuminate distinct areas, or to eliminate the shadows and reflections of a zone of interest. The long gooseneck allows the heads to be placed in any configuration while ensuring their stability, enabling the user to work in comfort.

Watts: 8,4 W ( 2 x 4,2 W ) equivalent to a 40 W halogen
Kelvins: 4500° K
Lumens: 720 lm
LED lifetime: 50 000 hours minimum
Colour Rendering Index (IRC): 95
Mounting accessories: heavy telescopic trolley base, simple clamp, clamp for medical rails, universal clamp, wall bracket, arm wall bracket, metallic plate, adaptation plate for lid lamp on other fitting, adaptation plate for other on lid fitting
Cable length: 3 meters
Insulation: Class II
Available colours: white, black
Lamp head size: 60 x 95 mm
Lamp base size: 69 x 69 x 115 mm
Interaxial spacing (4 holes on lamp’s base): 54,5 mm

Number of lux at 0.5 m

Guarantee: 3 years


On / off switch: LEDBI122
Contactless switch: LEDBI122-ISC

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