Pico Flow2 - Uroflowmeters

Pico Flow2

DESCRIPTION OF Pico Flow2 - Uroflowmeters

Pico Flow2


Pico Flow2 is a double-channel uroflowmeter for Uroflowmeter and Electroyography examinations of the Pelvic Floor.

Pico Flow2 is especially designed for uroynamic examinations in pediatric and gynecology departments and whenever one chooses to perform a non-invasive urodynamic examination.

Features * Large graphic touch-screen display for patientÂ’s data entry and set-up of the test

* The traces are shown on-line upon the screen with the pssibility to change their scale

* Two channels: 1 uroflow (wireless or cable), 1(optional) EMG

* Start/end examination: automatic or manual

* Built-in thermal printer

* On-line printing of the traces and/or delayed printing of traces and result after the analysis

* PICO FLOW2 is suitable both for stationary and domiciliary uroflowmetry

* The tests are stored on an extractable 512MB memory card with the capability of 75 examinations. In domiciliary mode it can store up to one week of uroflowmetries

* Post-analysis of the stored examinations both in automatic and manual way through the insertion of edicate markers

* Optional software package for Windows based Personal Computer

* High precision Flow transducer based on a load cell which ensures a prolonged accuracy of measurements

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SPECIFICATION OF Pico Flow2 - Uroflowmeters

Type: digital
Options: with printer, with pelvic electromyography
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