Lithobox ® Pneumatic Lithotripter - Intracorporeal lithotripters

Lithobox ® Pneumatic Lithotripter

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DESCRIPTION OF Lithobox ® Pneumatic Lithotripter - Intracorporeal lithotripters

Lithobox is more than what you might expect from a pneumatic lithotripter:

• Esthetic design

• State of the art electronics and exceptional accessories

• World’s leading pneumatic lithotripter

• Active and stable device with handpiece and probes uses

What is lithotripsy?

Lithotripsy is a procedure that breaks up stones in the kidney, bladder, or ureter. Lithotripsy is a procedure of the physical destruction of hardened masses like kidney stones, Bladder stone, and ureteral stone.

Intracorporeal Pneumatic Lithotripter covers kinetic impact energy to a mechanical strain which is passed through a probe to the calculus. Lithotripter Hand Piece converts kinetic energy to mechanical strain and it is passing through a probe. When energy is transmitted from the Lithocast probe to the calculus, the result is a disintegration of the calculus.

LITHOBOX ® Pneumatic Lithotripter provides a rapid successful treatment of various areas, despite the location and the type of kidney stone. Kidney stones are settled in the bottom of the renal pelvis treatment with percutaneous nephrolithotomy management, ureteral stones treatment with ureteroscopy management and Bladder stones treatment with endoscopic applications that ensures success in a short period of time.

Intracorporeal Pneumatic Lithotripter is powerful and based on pneumatically driven projectiles at strike a metallic probe placed endoscopically on a calculus. The probe is passing through a rigid endoscopic channel and placed on a stone. The stone (calculus) break by Ballistic energy and convert into small fragments. Fragments will be collect by an endoscopic basket (Stone Basket) or grasper (Forcep).


• Portable practical bag (easy to get ready).
• Central Air System can work with an air compressor or an oxygen cylinder
• No electrical risk
• Tissue damage does not occur
• Digital control system with three different memory channels
• Single and multiple buttons shot mode
• Corrosion-resistant aluminum handle
• Lightweight and orthopedic
• Comfortable to use with probes (flexible, semi-flexible, rigid)
• Easy to use and follow-up
• Digital counter panel monitors total number of strokes
• Stylish and practical design
• Effective and powerful system in the field of body crushing
• All material in the set are original

How Pneumatic Lithotripter - Lithobox works? Watch this link to find out:

Follow this link to find all information about intracorporeal pneumatic lithotripsy:

SPECIFICATION OF Lithobox ® Pneumatic Lithotripter - Intracorporeal lithotripters

Type: intracorporeal
Ergonomics: trolley-mounted
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