Inceler Medikal Company

Inceler Medikal Company

Inceler Medikal has been established in 2008 in Ankara. Since then the firm has constituted a well organized, nationwide after sales service system for health organizations, who employ eswl systems and PNEUMATIC LITHOTRIPTERs. In time Inceler Medikal has escalated to a point where it is able to produce spare parts for world's well known ESWL and PNEUMATIC LITHOTRIPTER manufacturers.

Having recognized to exceed the expectations of customers as its mission; in 2012 Inceler Medikal started to engineer its own products. The firms first pneumatic system LITHOBOX and Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) system MODUS introduced to the market. It is on target to continue its presence in the medical sector as an R&D company.

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