LDM®-Sonoskin - Ultrasound stimulation


DESCRIPTION OF LDM®-Sonoskin - Ultrasound stimulation

Wellcomet® goals and values

Wellcomet was established in 2003 and has set itself a goal to develop and manufacture convincing and long-lasting equipment in the fields of medicine and aesthetics. Wellcomet is seeking for the highest quality standards in research and development as well as in product manufacture. Detailed consulting, training and fast customer service show how competent and evident Wellcomet services are. The company employs well-trained and responsible employees and maintains a trusting relationship with its partners and customers. Wellcomet goal is "excellence, progress, and sustainability in everything we do".


The LDM®-Sonoskin ultrasound stimulation is created for a beautiful skin appearance. Skin rejuvenation is a procedure that uses equipment-based professional techniques which can produce more effective and quickly seen results. The broad range of indications allows users of the LDM®-Sonoskin to work rapidly and effectively with a number of different aesthetic indications.

The LDM®-Sonoskin was developed specially for cosmetic applications ranging from wrinkle treatment to various body applications such as:

• Wrinkle treatment
• Lifting
• Skin Rejuvenation (Skin Rejuvenation)
• Cosmetic acne
• Hypertrophic scars/keloids
• Acne Scars
• Pre-and post-treatment for beauty procedures
• Stretch marks
• Cellulite
• Phonophoresis

Dual-frequency ultrasound system

While usually, conventional ultrasound systems use standard frequency settings with 1 and 3 MHz, the LDM®-Sonoskin uses the unique dual-frequency ultrasound called LDM® (local dynamic micromassage) and the additionally integrated ultrasonic wave with a frequency of 10 MHz.

The advantage of ultrasonic waves with the 10 MHz frequency is a strong effect on the mainly superficially situated hay layers: the epidermis and dermis. These waves are particularly suitable for skin treatments on the face because of half-depth 0.3cm frequency.

Here you can find an article about Facial Skin Rejuvenation with High-Frequency Ultrasound: http://www.wellcomet.de/down/uploads/facial_skin_rejuvenation_with_48_1344959639.pdf

Technical specifications of LDM®-Sonoskin:

• Dimensions: (H x W x D): 160 x 430 x 275 mm
• Weight: 8.0 kg


• 14 fixed programs with automatic sonotrode change
• Individual settings


• Tripod for LDM ® -Sonoskin    
• Contact gel, 250 ml    
• Contact gel, 5 l canister
• Dispenser for canisters

The LDM®-Sonoskin is so efficient that often directly after a treatment it provides a positive “wow effect” for users. The LDM®-Sonoskin can be used in combination with other devices or methods to achieve even better results. The device has already been used successfully in many institutes, particularly for pre-treatment and after-care treatments for aesthetic-plastic surgeries.

If you want to find more information about LDM®-Sonoskin ultrasound stimulation, visit the Wellcomet official website: http://www.wellcomet.de/html/page.php?page_id=59

SPECIFICATION OF LDM®-Sonoskin - Ultrasound stimulation

Applications: for skin rejuvenation
Type: standard
Ergonomics: trolley-mounted
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