X-WAVE - Ultrasound stimulation


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DESCRIPTION OF X-WAVE - Ultrasound stimulation

BTL X-WaveTM is clinically-proven for:

• Cellulite reduction
• Firming and tightening of loose and sagging skin
• Smoothing and toning the skin
• Stretch marks reduction
• Scar appearance improvement

BTL X-WaveTM is an FDA cleared non-invasive procedure used to reduce cellulite and stimulate collagen production resulting to improvement in elasticity, firmness and smoothness of the skin.

How Does X-WaveTM Work?

BTL X-WaveTM uses clinically-proven Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) that rejuvenates the soft tissues in the body reducing cellulite, stretch marks and scars. BTL X-WaveTM harnesses the energy of targeted vibrations and provides noticeable results in non-invasive cellulite reduction and body rejuvenation.

As the X-Wave handpiece keeps moving back and forth in the area being treated, the acoustic waves are introduced into the body causing vibration and pressure to the connective tissue. The vibrations caused by the acoustic waves break up the cell structures wherein the tissue becomes softer and more active.

The tissue then relaxes and stretches as a result of which the firmness and elasticity of the epidermis increases. Blood circulation and collagen production in the tissue is significantly stimulated.

Acoustic wave therapy has a multiple layer effect. Patients typically experience improvement in the skin’s texture and elasticity as well as dermal firming and reduction of aged and loose skin appearance.

X-Wave achieves the best results with a non-invasive treatment against cellulite, scars and stretch marks using the energy from acoustic waves.

The acoustic waves are non concentrated very intense pulses that induce vibration inside the body. That energy has been especially developed to avoid damage to the skin while it is acting inside the area being treated.

Blood flow increase. It creates new capillaries that increase micro circulation, improve oxygen transport and a boost metabolism in the affected area.
Toxin removal. Mechanic stimulation of the lymphatic system reduces the creation of edemas and improves the elimination of lipids stored in fat cells.
Collagen regeneration. Pulsations induce the proliferation of fibroblasts, which results in the creation of new and more resistant collagen strands.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There may be tenderness at the treated site. The area will feel warm to touch as blood circulation is increased. It is safe and has excellent satisfaction rates.