STFLASH4® - IPL platforms, VPL platforms


DESCRIPTION OF STFLASH4® - IPL platforms, VPL platforms


DERMEO is launching a new generation of pulsed light devices for professionals, with a revamped design and which is at the cutting edge of the latest technological innovations (touchscreen, optional remote access to monitor the use of your device, etc ...).

The STFLASH4® system, designed for professionals in the aesthetic sector, is a part of the latest generation of pulsed light devices, with a maximum power of 30 J/cm², over a surface of 8.25cm².

Thanks to its technology, the STFLASH4 device delivers the same energy over the whole surface of the optical guide. A single blast of flashes is necessary for a permanent result, and the ease of use of this device is unmatched in the market.

The STFLASH4® device enables the operator to treat:

Hair removal on light skin

Hair removal on dark skin


It's efficiency and innocuousness have been proven by dermatologists' feedback and by a clinical study carried out on voluntary patients of the PITIE SALPETRIERE hospital in Paris. The STFLASH4® system offers a level of comfort for the user which is unique on the market.

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SPECIFICATION OF STFLASH4® - IPL platforms, VPL platforms

Applications: hair removal
Ergonomics: trolley-mounted
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