A-TONE - IPL platforms, VPL platforms


DESCRIPTION OF A-TONE - IPL platforms, VPL platforms


IPL & PIP Toning System

Advanced Toning, A-TONE is not just an ordinary IPL. It is an all-around player among other laser devices for toning, hair removal, pigment and vascular lesions.

Top IPL, A-TONE is an advanced AR/Toning dual system. It has an AR (conventional IPL) and a PIP(Pulse In Pulse) toning IPL handpieces for better treatments. Unlike other IPL devices, A-TONE has an own filtering system with a perfectly precise light pulse. Especially, this IPL toning technology has solved intractable pigments of Nd:YAG.

Key Features

· PIP (Pulse In Pulse)

· Safety secured by the low voltages.

· Perfect square pulse performance

· User friendly interface

· Instant high peak power


· Very light pigment

· Toning

· Hair removal

· PIH treatment

· Melasma

· Vascular lesion

· Acne

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SPECIFICATION OF A-TONE - IPL platforms, VPL platforms

Applications: hair removal, vascular lesion treatment
Ergonomics: trolley-mounted
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