SOLARI™ - IPL platforms, VPL platforms


DESCRIPTION OF SOLARI™ - IPL platforms, VPL platforms



SOLARI™ is an IPL system, differentiated from all others by its cutting-edge technology which guarantees precise treatment and minimized side effects.


The amount of light emitted from an IPL is proportional to the pattern of the current through the flashlamp. In conventional IPLs, the current pattern tends to be Gaussian, which produces an uneven beam distribution over the pulse with a central “hot spot”.

Lutronic’s Simmer Mode Technology drives the SOLARI flashlamp evenly to produce a very stable, flat and homogeneous spectral output over the entire pulse, as seen in the illustration in the right-hand panel: this is SOLARI’s true square pulse technology. With this square pulses, the clinician can get homogeneous delivery of light across the treated area with no hot spots, thereby helping prevent unwanted side effects.

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SPECIFICATION OF SOLARI™ - IPL platforms, VPL platforms

Applications: hair removal
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