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DESCRIPTION OF shavon - IPL platforms, VPL platforms


We can expect up to 3 years without hair growth in the treated area. This special kind of treatment looks for the red pigmentation of hemoglobin and is not attracted by the black bulb color.

shavon works by cauterizing (to make desolate by heat) the micro-circulation which feeds the hair. The blood vessel is able to reproduce itself after every session but every time more weakly than before and always with less capability to feed the hair.

For all hair colours and skin types

Unlike conventional devices, it is not the hair follicles, but the dermal papillae which are treated with the cymedics shavon, so that the device effectively targets the red pigmentation of haemoglobin. In this case, the colour of the hair is no longer relevant – the range of applications can thus be extended to include the removal of blond, red or even white hair, even on dark skin.

It is not necessary to consider the growth phase of the hair for the treatment!

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SPECIFICATION OF shavon - IPL platforms, VPL platforms

Applications: hair removal
Ergonomics: trolley-mounted
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