ST Temporalis™ - Facial implants

ST Temporalis™

DESCRIPTION OF ST Temporalis™ - Facial implants

The ST Temporalis™ may be just what is needed in order to improve one's functional and aesthetic needs. These soft tissue implants are flexible and allow for uncomplicated insertion to fix temple hollowing. It comes in two sizes and is trimmed quickly for a perfect fit and contour.

Feedback from surgeons has encouraged our decisions to alter how the implant sizes are named so that the names better reflect the usage of the implants. In lieu of the sizes betting named small and medium, the sizes are now called medium (STT-50) and large (STT-60). The dimensions, however, have not changed.

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SPECIFICATION OF ST Temporalis™ - Facial implants

Area of the body: temporal
Implant shape: anatomical
Implant materials: silicone
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