Facial implants

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Facial implants are used to improve or change certain features of the face. The surgery itself may be elective or needed in the result of earlier surgery. The procedures itself involves placing synthetic materials under the tissue or on the underlying bone. Facial implants improve facial contours, proportions or can correct the imperfections and damage caused by injuries or hereditary traits.

Commonly used facial implants are:

1) Chin implants (Anterior, lateral and downward projection of the chin can be increased. These implants are placed through the lower lip or under the chin.)

2) Cheek implants (Placed through incisions inside the upper lip or through the lower eyelid.)

There are less used facial implants:

• Jaw angle implants (Placed individually, in pairs or included in the chin implants. Lateral or downward projection of the ramus can be increased. They are placed through incisions inside the lower lip.)

• Paranasal implants (Anterior projection of the upper jaw can be increased placing these implants between nose and upper lip. They are placed through incision inside the mouth.)

Variety of implants in medicine overall:

• Brain implant
• Breast implant
• Buttock implant
• Cochlear implant
• Contraceptive implant
• Dental implant
• Extraocular implant
• Fetal tissue implant
• Microchip implant (animal)
• Microchip implant (human)
• Prosthetic implant
• Retinal implant
• Subdermal implant
• Transdermal implant

Facial implants can be made of variety of materials. Solid silicone is the most common material. Other popular materials are high-density porous polyethylene and expanded polytetrafluoroethylene. Both materials provide integration with the underlying tissue and bone.

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