AGA Medical privacy screens - Other gynecological imaging and screening devices

AGA Medical privacy screens

DESCRIPTION OF AGA Medical privacy screens - Other gynecological imaging and screening devices

The folding privacy screens, also referred to as room dividers, have become indispensable equipment in every medical practice, clinic or hospital.

They are available in three versions:

- Stationary, without castors (Total height 1652 mm),

- Mobile, with castors (Total height 1745 mm),

- Pull-out/wall-mounted with castors (Total height 1745 mm).

Privacy screens without castors:

- The sturdy frame is made of profiled aluminium tubing (40 x 20 mm);

- The aluminium frame has the advantage of a very low weight. The detailed weight information for each screen may be found in the price tables in the product catalogue on pages 126-127;

- The individual panels are joined by two galvanized hinges which can be folded in both directions;

- The panels made of 3 mm thick, impact resistant and easy-to-clean PVC rigid foam boards. The even, micro-cell foam structure is uniformly coloured, flame retardant and resistant to repeated disinfectant use.

Mobile folding privacy screens (with castors):

- The double castors have a diameter of 65 mm;

- The two outside panels are fitted with a rotating aluminium crossbar;

- Each crossbar has one lockable and one non-lockable double castor;

- The inner panels are also fitted at their junction with one non-lockable castor.

Pull-out/wall-mounted privacy screens with castors:

- The mobile folding screens are also available with a wall-mounting option on one side;

- The double castors have a diameter of 65 mm;

- The outside vertical strut is fitted with a rotating aluminium crossbar;

- The wall-mounted folding screens include an aluminium rail with screws and dowels.

AGA Privacy Screens - Overview

- Height 1652 mm without castors / 1745 mm with castors

- Width variable, depending on the number of panels

- Profiled aluminium tubular frame

- Uniformly coloured micro-cell foam structure, flame retardant and resistant to disinfectants

- Product weight low (for ex. 11,60 kg for 3 panels, no castors)

- 7 colours available, which can be individually combined

Colours for screen panels

The privacy screen panels are available in the following colours: white, yellow, red, blue, green, grey, and black. The panel colours can be combined as desired, at no extra charge. Please specify upon ordering.

The product descriptions and article numbers can be found in the AGA product catalogue on pages 124-127.

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