Gyneco-obstetrics devices

Gyneco-obstetrics is a field of medicine, concentrated on female reproductive organs’ health and focused on pregnancy management. Gynecology deals with a variety of diseases such as STDs, infertility, gynaecological cancers, breast cancer and other problems related to female reproductive system. In order to treat these conditions properly, the hospitals should be equipped with advanced and sophisticated gyneco-obstetrics equipment.

The gyneco-obstetrics devices category contains information about such equipment as hysterometers, fetal monitors, vaginal specula, colposcopes, cervical dilators, intra-uterine biopsy curettes, ovocytarian puncture needles, obstetric suction cup extractors, etc. To be more precise, both obstetrics and gynecology focuses on woman’s overall health, but on a bit different conditions and diseases.

Obstetrics deals not only with pregnancy, but also with childbirth and the whole postnatal period and various conditions and treatments of that. Obstetrician deals with whole period of woman’s pregnancy, from identifying whether she is pregnant or not, to determining child’s gender and timing of birth. Right after childbirth, begins postnatal period, where hormone levels and uterus size are changing.

Gynecology deals specifically with female reproductive system (vagina, uterus, ovaries) and the breasts. Gynecologist identifies various cancers of the reproductive organs, painful, heavy or absent menstrual periods, infections of vagina, pelvic inflammatory, etc. provides the information about first class quality gyneco-obstetrics equipment and devices from manufacturers and suppliers such as Philips, Huntleigh, MedGyn, Deka, Biolitec, etc. These manufacturers supply a wide range of devices and tools that are used in hospitals, ob/gyn offices, etc.

There are 22 categories of gyneco-obstetrics devices in our catalogue with any gyneco-obstetrics equipment  for your need. For better convenience, all devices in our catalogue have detailed descriptions with high-resolution photos and informative specifications. Please contact us for any further information about the suppliers and the price of a particular product.

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