For over 30 years, Technogym® tries to make people happier and healthier. This company designs innovative products and devices for medics as well as promotes social projects and environmental awareness.

SKILLMILL™ Connect is a treadmill, which allows everyday athletes to improve their speed, power, stamina and agility, and to enjoy the benefits of a professional treadmill in a safe, engaging and effective way. This unique treadmill is a solution to turn a routine everyday workout into maximum effective and exclusive practice.

SKILLMILL™ Connect allows users to enjoy the most comprehensive experience of Athletic Performance Training. This treadmill has a large backlit LCD display and function to record all data. All information of workout parameters and user results can be placed in the data storage via the cloud-based mywellness® open platform.

Features of SKILLMILL™ Connect: 

 Multidrive technology (The levels of speed can be set from zero to maximum)

 Smartphone guidance (Virtual training programs can be provided by scanning individual treadmill, or users can download customised training programs by logging into mywellness account)

 Monitoring and tracking of performance (Connection to cloud-based mywellness® open platform allows users to monitor their results and achievements)

• Non-motorized training (If the user moves to the front of the treadmill, the speed will increase, and if the user moves to the back, the pace slows down)

SKILLMILL™ Connect is designed to be durable. Whether a user uses it every day, or once a week, this treadmill is built to last over time, according to its solid design, specifically selected materials and excellent quality components. Users of different body sizes cannot worry about doing some damage to this treadmill because it has dual handlebar, that creates all possible opportunities for correct positions of high and low pushes. SKILLMILL™ Connect also has an accessory kit, that enables a user to do pulling and pushing exercises through handles or a waist belt.


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