POLARIS HP S 18W - Biostimulation lasers


DESCRIPTION OF POLARIS HP S 18W - Biostimulation lasers

This is one of the few units which allows for carrying out treatment procedures with the use of high power and biostimulation laser radiation.

The effectiveness of the therapy with the use of Polaris HP unit is based on the application of two wavelengths. A combination of quick and efficient thermal effect as well as slower but long- -lasting effect of biostimulation impact is achieved thanks to this application.

Built-in laser sources allow for the operation with peak power reaching up to 18 W in pulse mode. Maximum average power is limited to 10 W , which is still regarded as a very high value which might cause excessive thermal effect. At the time of exceeding the average power of 4W, the unit displays an additional warning to prevent excessive overheating.

In order to enable efficient and precise deep intratissue laser therapy, a special DILA adapter has been developed (Deep Intratissue Laser Adapter) It is specifically designed optical system allowing for laser beam formation in such a way to compensate the power loss in the surface tissues. The application of adapter reduces the thermal effect in the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Another advantage is more precise location of the treatment site. DILT method and DILA adapter are unique solutions of ASTAR company and they are covered by registered trademark property protection.

In order to reduce thermal effect, pulse mode is applied. Then the laser high power is applied, while the average power is reduced. This solution allows for simultaneous deep tissue penetration and protection against overheating.

SPECIFICATION OF POLARIS HP S 18W - Biostimulation lasers

Ergonomics: tabletop
Applications: biostimulation
Amplifying medium: diode
Wavelength: 980 nm, 808 nm
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