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Axiom-D Elite

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DESCRIPTION OF Axiom-D Elite - Knee orthoses

The Axiom-D Elite delivers innovation for ligament bracing. The unique dynamic hinge delivers a progressive counterforce to the lower leg to reduce tibial translation in patients with ligament deficiencies or recovering from ligament reconstruction. This maintains the proper anatomic relationship between the femur and tibia as it goes through a full range of motion.

The Axiom-D Elite is rigid, durable and comfortable providing full-bodied support and protection. It is available in a dual upright 17” (43 cm) frame for robust and extended support. The redesigned low profile brace contours to the leg and is offered in aluminum or magnesium, with multiple configurations for customization. Standard Fit, Athletic Cut or Custom Manufacture, the Axiom-D Elite is a knee brace as demanding as the patient requires it to be. Whether you’re competing in contact sports or playing as a weekend warrior your patients are supported for a full range of activities.


• Dynamic Technology. Enhanced control of tibial translation that provides stability at the moment of clinical need for ACL, PCL or combined ligament injuries

• Ultra lightweight or durable and rigid for individual patient needs (magnesium or aluminum frame options)

• Pivoting tabs allow straps to contour to the leg for an enhanced fit, comfort, and suspension

• Multiple configurations for a customized fit (Standard Fit, Athletic Cut or Custom Manufacture)

• Comfortable and stable: low profile frame contours

• Sports model available with Hi Activity padding, D-Rings, and PCL strap for full bodied support during impact activities

Axiom-D Elite come in these sizes: XS, S, M, M+, L, XL, XXL

Product Use:

• Collateral ligament protection
• Prophylactic use

HOW TO USE Axiom-D Elite:

1. UNFASTEN BUCKLES (Release all four straps on the back side of the brace by squeezing the gray levers on either side of the buckle and withdrawing the over-center buckle. Loosen the front strap(s) ).

2. POSITIONING BRACE ACL (With the knee bent at 60°, locate the top of the knee cap. PCL: With the knee bent at 10°, locate the top of the knee cap. Position the center of the hinge on an imaginary line that goes across the top of the knee cap. Push the hinges posteriorly until the hinges are in the center of the knee joint when viewed from the side).

3. ANCHORING THE BRACE (Wrap the upper rear calf strap around the calf as high as possible over the calf muscle. Place the tab end of the strap through the D-ring. Pull the tab until a snug and comfortable fit is achieved. Insert the over-center buckle into the base. Push the buckle until you hear the gray levers click on both sides. Adjust the strap by releasing the tab and pull the strap until a snug and comfortable fit is achieved).

4. FASTENING LOWER CALF STRAP (Insert the over-center buckle into the base on the lower calf shell of the brace. Push the buckle in until you hear the gray levers click on both sides. Adjust strap until a comfortable fit is achieved. (If the strap tab reaches its limit without achieving the desired fit, see strap length adjustment in figure).

5. FASTENING REAR THIGH STRAPS (Following the same instructions as in step 4, fasten the lower and then upper rear thigh strap).

6. ADJUSTING FRONT TIBIA STRAP (Tighten the front tibia strap. If the strap overlaps too far, see length adjustment instructions).

7. ADJUST STRAP LENGTH (All straps have additional length adjustment at the end opposite the tab. Release the strap and adjust the length of the strap using the hook and pile fastener. Center the strap pad).

8. ADJUST FRONT THIGH STRAP (Tighten the front thigh strap. Note: Over tightening the front thigh strap can cause the brace not to function properly. Stand up and walk or jog around to see how your new AXIOM-D ELITE brace feels. Straps should not be so tight that blood circulation is restricted. Re-adjust as needed. If this is your first time to wear a functional knee brace, it might take a few hours of wear to get used to how it feels).

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SPECIFICATION OF Axiom-D Elite - Knee orthoses

Type: knee orthosis
Options: articulated, dynamic
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