SofTec® Coxa - Hip orthoses

SofTec® Coxa

DESCRIPTION OF SofTec® Coxa - Hip orthoses

The SofTec Coxca is a multi-functional orthosis that stabilizes the hip joint after surgeries such as hip replacemetns or femoral-head resection. Dislocation of the hip is prevented by restriciting radius of movement with the special monocentric joint which can be adjusted on supine patients. The SofTec Coxca can be used on either side of the leg. It hugs the hip due to stable position of the pelvic frme of iliac crests but comes with a special pivot function for abduction or adduction (extending leg inwards or outwards) and extension or flexion (moving leg forwards or backwards).

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SPECIFICATION OF SofTec® Coxa - Hip orthoses

Type: hip orthosis
Options: articulated
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