BR-76HAO - Hip orthoses


DESCRIPTION OF BR-76HAO - Hip orthoses


The RCAI Hip Abduction Orthosis provides stabilization for patients prone to chronic dislocation due to involved post-op hip revision, for anterior or posterior hip dislocation, congenital hip dysphasia or to stabilize spastic, tight adductors secondary to hemiplegia or cerebral palsy.

The Hip Abduction Orthosis features flexion/extension ROM control from 0° to 120° in 10° stop settings, abduction - adduction adjustments from 0° to 45° in 5° increments.

The unisex male or female pelvic component and vertical adjustability at hip and thigh has a circumferential hip adjustment with padded pivotal back tilt that fits full hip to straight body types, offers medial condylar containment for the right or left.

The HAO's trimmable polyethylene component is strong, lightweight and comfortable. The universal hinge assembly can be moved to the opposite side and offers a height adjustment at the hip and thigh. The abduction/adduction hinge can be adjusted with an allen wrench to the desired degree in 5° increments.

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Type: hip orthosis
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