Innovator X® - Elbow splints

Innovator X®

DESCRIPTION OF Innovator X® - Elbow splints

The Innovator X is an ideal solution for a patient who has just had elbow surgery such as reconstruction, tendon or ligament repairs or fracture repair. It also is intended for use in patients with stable fractures or mild to sever soft tissue injuries. Its patented form fit three-dimension padding and Lycra lining were designed with the patient's individual needs and comfort in mind. It has a Sensil silicone comfort padding along the strap to relieve the strap's pressure from the neck and shoulder and reduces the strap's movement. The OneTouch button allows the user to effortless adjust the fit. The flexible aluminum cuffs enable patients to increase their own level of comfort. The Innovator X also has extending struts which increase positive patient outcomes. There is also an innovator hinge that makes extension and flexion adjustments easy.

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SPECIFICATION OF Innovator X® - Elbow splints

Type: elbow splint
Options: articulated
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