WBA - Body composition analyzers


DESCRIPTION OF WBA - Body composition analyzers

Electronic professional column scales with body mass analysis BIA (BIO-ELECTRICAL IMPEDANCE ANALYSIS) certified for medical and hospital use certified according to the European directives. Wunder WBA is a medical device equipped with two integrated instruments: professional scales and bio-electrical impedance analysis with 4 bipolar electrodes. For professionals it is definitely an essential guide for weight management through the data supplied for a correct medical diagnosis. What is it for? To better understand how our body weight is composed. To correctly follow the nutritional solutions advised by professionals. To understand that a variation in our weight is not always the cause of negative factors. Who is it for? Everyone Advantages? Checks weight in the correct way to make you feel better and fit thanks to the right balance and body composition. Why choose WBA? fast measurements: Give a complete check-up in a few seconds without annoying the patient with electrodes (many measurements in a short time). Easy to install and simple to use: all you need to do is get on barefoot and with only one measurement you get a complete analysis of the body mass. Easy to read data: The results supplied are easy to understand. Two instruments in one: Electronic professional scales combined with a bipolar bio-impedance meter that analyses total body mass. Economical investment: the investment required is minimal for a professional diagnostic instrument and doesn't include any extra costs during use. The instrument is certified for medical and hospital use and has MDD and NAWI certifications. Measured parameters: Weight, Body fat mass in kg, Lean fat in kg, Total body water in kg, Body mass index (BMI), Fat mass as a percentage, Basal metabolic rate, Impedance value. Technical characteristics: Max load 300kg Divisions 1000g Analysis frequency: 50 kHz Measurement time: 15 seconds. Structure: Aluminium and painted metal, display in ABS, 4 stainless steel electrodes, 2 wheels for transportation. Certifications: NAWI metric directive Precision class IIII and Mdd medical devices Risk class IIa, with measurement functions. Dimensions mm: Total (w) 450x (L) 450 (h) 1050, Base (w) 450x (L) 350, Column (h) 950, Display Ø (W) 215x (L) 180 Display: in ABS with double LCD and triple reader: 1st Display (weight) 20mm 5 digit LCD, 2nd Display multi-line (height/BMI/Fat%/ Age) 12mm 3 digit LCD Power: Rechargeable battery (40-hour life) with external charger. Weight: Approximately 10kg Environmental conditions: +5°~+35° Included accessories: Charger, RS232, Adjustable anti-slip rubber feet, Level. Accessories not included: WS thermal printer code 01131T, Mechanical statometer 60~200cm code 00069AA, Electronic statometer HM210D 120~210cm code 00051C. Packaging: 1pc dimensions (w) 500x (L) 1100x (h) 210mm , Approximate weight 12.5kg.

SPECIFICATION OF WBA - Body composition analyzers

Other characteristics: with BMI calculation, class III
Technology: bio-impedancemetry, fat measurement
Display type: with LCD display
Weighing capacity: Min.: 0 g (0 oz) Max.: 300 kg (661.39 lb)
Accuracy: 100 g (3.53 oz)
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