Wunder Sabi s.r.l. is a company specialising in the production and resale of weighing instruments and devices. It has been making high quality professional scales for the medical, sports - wellness industry for over 50 years

The constant attention to research and development has led WUNDER to respond promptly to market demands by offering cutting edge professional scales of high technological content.


WUNDER is a dynamic company that is strongly linked to tradition; its origins date back to the end of the Second World War, when the owner started manufacturing and selling household items, including scales.

In 1987 the previous owner sold the company to the Cassera family, which, after several years of research and market analysis, created a young and enterprising company, relaunching the Wunder brand with new products and a new image.

With the advent of electronic weighing equipment in the 80s, WUNDER concentrated its energies in the distribution of the Japanese Tanita line and in the development of electronic load cell scales.

The experience gained over the years drove Wunder to expand its organisational structure in 1995, by further increasing investment in research and development activities, to offer the greatest accuracy in the context of international standards with flexible, innovative and reliable products.

And it is within the context of this ten-year renewal that Wunder trains and prepares adequate staff to deal with sales and above all capable of providing a 360° service, ideal conditions for an efficient after-sales service

In the 2000s a Wunder brand weighing line was developed, lightweight and easy to use, ideal for restaurants and ice cream parlours, but also widely used in the industrial field. During these years the professional home line is relaunched, as a high quality fashion range and genuine expression of Made in Italy, recognised worldwide.

In 2007, with other partners of the scales manufacturing industry, it opened the NEWTONLAB metrology laboratory, specialised in periodic testing of measuring instruments, masses and laboratory tests.

Wunder focused and developed a medical line combined with the introduction of highly sophisticated technologies for body analysis, called BIA. In 2008 it developed the first electronic chair scales, made in Italy, launching it successfully on the EU and non-EU markets as well.

Between 2010 and 2013, in cooperation with designers and partners from the electronic industry, it developed its universal medical display WU 150 for medical scales. In cooperation with other manufacturers from the hospital furniture industry, it developed and integrated its production with applications for weighing patients in bed, for bariatric use and dialysis.