CERA-CHEK™ 1070 - Blood glucose meters


DESCRIPTION OF CERA-CHEK™ 1070 - Blood glucose meters

CERA-CHEK™ glucometer is a medical device for determining the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. It is a useful element of home blood glucose monitoring for people with diabetes mellitus or hypoglycemia. CERA-CHEK™ 's glucometer excellent and accurate performance characteristics comply with strengthened ISO quality standards in the detection range of 10-900 mg/dL (0.6 - 50 mmol/L) by means of 'maltose-interference free' FAD-GDH enzyme and advanced electrochemical readout technology. Healthcare and diagnostics company Green Cross Medis manufactured this advanced technology  CERA-CHEK™ glucometer.

History of Green Cross Medis:

Company Green Cross Medis was established in 2005 and now is a leading manufacturer in the field of healthcare and diagnostics. Green Cross Medis motto: “Our Technology Is Your Tomorrow”. Blood glucose monitoring systems are made with patented technology and help people monitor their diabetes issues more efficiently and comfortable. Green Cross Medis products provide more possibilities of convenient treatment at home, office, hospitals and at any surroundings.

How does CERA-CHEK™ glucometer work?

A small drop of blood, achieved by pricking the skin with a lancet is placed on a disposable test strip and the meter reads and uses it to calculate the blood glucose level of a user. The meter then displays the level in units of mmol/l.

You can download pdf file of CERA-CHEK™ 1070 glucometer User Manual here: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/918628/Cera-Chek-1070.html

Technical specifications of CERA-CHEK™:

− Model No: G 300
− Methodology: Electrochemistry
− Measurement Time: 5 Seconds
− Blood Sample Volume: 0.5
− Sample Type: Capillary and venous blood
− Measurement Range: 10 ~ 900 mg.dL (0.6 ~ 50 mmol/L)
− Memory: 1.000
− LED Indicator: Indication LED lighting
− PC Interface: USB
− Calibration: Code-key
− Operation Condition Temp. : 4 ~ 40°C / Humi. < 85%
− Storage Condition Meter: -10 - 60°C, Strip. : 1 - 32°C
− Battery: CR-2032 (1 Coin Battery) Battery Life 3.000 Tests (with LED lighting: 1.000 tests)
− Meter Dimensions ( W x L x T): 53.6 mm x 94 mm x 14.9 mm
− Weight: 35 g (with battery)


• LED Indicator
• Hematocrit FREE 10~70%
• Wide measurement range: 10~900 mg/dL
• Neonatal & gestational testing

System Performance:

1) Clinical Accuracy:

Clarke Error Grind Analysis (EGA) is accepted as one of the “gold standards” for determining the accuracy of blood glucose meters. CERA-CHEK™ shows excellent performance where all the test results fall in the clinically accurate region A within +/- 15% error.

2) Influence of Hematocrit:

CERA-CHEK™ applies latest advanced technology to minimize influences of hematocrit. The difference hematocrit level is the main case of errors that degrades the accuracy. CERA-CHEK™ shows excellent elimination of hematocrit influence from 10~70%.

3) Testing:

In addition to the world's largest detection range, NEONATAL and GESTATIONAL testing are available by'hematocrit-FREE" performance! (10 -70%).

To find all specifications of CERA-CHEK™ 1070 glucometer, visit the official page of Green Cross Medis: http://www.ceragemmedisys.com/src/sub213.php

For more information about company Green Cross Medis, visit its official website: http://www.ceragemmedisys.com/src/sub32.php

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