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Blood glucose meters are medical devices designed to identify glucose concentration level in the blood. It is helpful for people who do not have the possibility to monitor their blood glucose level at hospitals all the time because this device is portable and easy to use at home.

How does a blood glucose meter work?

Manufacturers worked hard to find the easiest solution how to make cutting the skin not so painful. The user has to prick the skin with a cutting tool and place a small drop of blood on a disposable test strip. That’s it. Then blood glucose meter will show the level in units of mg/dl or mmol/l in the screen.

There are different types of blood glucose meters:

• Hospital glucose meters (They transfer all database into electronic medical records to make patient’s payment easier)

• Blood testing with meters using test strips (Once test strips are used, then they need to be discarded)

• Noninvasive meters (They use the technique of electrically pulling glucose into the skin)

• Continuous glucose monitors (Disposable sensor is placed under the skin and all the data is transmitted to the reader, no need to finger prick)

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) have set the standards according to accuracy that all blood glucose meters must reach. Results have to be 20% of a laboratory standard 95% of the time. Blood glucose meters not always show accurate results because of some various factors such as quality of blood sample, calibration of meters, humidity, etc.

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