AGA Multi-Function Examination Tables - Examination tables

AGA Multi-Function Examination Tables

DESCRIPTION OF AGA Multi-Function Examination Tables - Examination tables

Many different descriptions can apply to the term "multi-function table", due to the numerous possible applications. It is sometime referred to as 'examination table', or 'universal table'.

The AGA multi-function examination tables can be used not only in the general medical practice, but also in specialists' practices such as gynaecology, proctology, rectoscopy and even surgery.

Multi-function tables with different adjustment mechanisms

The AGA multi-function tables are available:

- with electric height and tilt adjustment,

• AGA-UNI-MED (Article No. A-2065/EE) and
• AGA-DUO-LIFTO-MED (Article No. H-U 2065/3EE)

- with electric, hydraulic or manual height adjustment (Article No. HK-2065/3E, HK-2065/3Y, HK-2065/3H)

- with fixed height (Article No. K-1065/3, K-2065/3, K-3065/3)

and as space-saving tables

- AGA-BOZ (Article No. BOZ-1070/3S, BOZ-1070/3NS, BOZ-1070/3, BOZ-1070/3N).

The corresponding product descriptions and article numbers for the multi-function examination tables can be found in the AGA product catalogue on pages 96-103.

AGA-UNI-MED A-2065/EE Multi-Function Examination Table

The AGA-UNI-MED A-2065/EE is used in surgery, gynaecology, proctology, rectoscopy and general medicine practice.

The three-piece tabletop has an upholstery thickness of 64 mm. The tabletop sections are continuously adjustable, as required, independently of each other for optimal patient treatment positioning, and secured with a clamping rod locking mechanism.

• The continuous backrest adjustment is gas pressure spring assisted for ease of use.
• A pelvic cut-out was inserted in the tabletop frame and upholstered seat.
• Levelling screws fitted into the wide base provide enhanced stability on any type of floor.

The continuous height and tilt adjustments are controlled by maintenance-free, spill-proof, ultra-quiet electric motors and pneumatic foot switches (Drive specifications for each motor: 230V, 50/60Hz, 3,7A, 850W, IP 55, v=14 mm/s, 7000N). With full use of both motorized adjustments, a Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positioning up to 25° may be obtained.

Options and Accessories

The multifunction examination tables are available in a mobile version with castors. Besides, many accessories can be mounted onto the standard rails, including:

• Armrest - Article No. A-2047
• Anesthesia pole - Article No. NB-3000
• Instrument table - Article No. IT-3060
• Side safety rail - Article No. SG-1000/BK

The corresponding product descriptions and article numbers can be found under OR Accessories and in the product catalogue on page 18.

AGA-UNI-MED - Overview

- Height adjustment range 650 - 850 mm (electric with foot switch)
- Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg 25° (electric with foot switch)
- Headrest and pelvic tilt adjustment mechanisms - continuous with clamping rod locking mechanism
- Backrest adjustment with gas pressure spring, pelvic cut-out
- Width 650 mm
- Length 1900 mm (headrest 500 mm, backrest 1050 mm, seat section 350 mm)
- Maximum load  200 kg, product weight 110 kg
- Frame: Tabletop frame - chrome-plated / Plate coverings - lacquered, see Frame Colours
- Upholstery thickness 64 mm,  21 Upholstery Colours available

The corresponding product descriptions and article numbers can be found in the AGA product catalogue on page 98.

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