Thermal cyclers

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A thermal cycler is a device used in polymerase chain reaction or PCR in short. PCR is a method used to duplicate genome sequences in thousands or millions. The thermal cycler is used when detecting such viruses like HIV or hepatitis. For the polymerase reaction conduction, a thermal cycler using a precise temperature control and rapid temperature changes.

The thermal cyclers are also called DNA amplifiers and PCR machines.

Thermal cyclers help to facilitate temperature-sensitive reactions in laboratories, including rapid diagnostics or restriction enzyme digestion. Thermal cyclers can streamline laboratory production and research process.

Each thermal cycler has high-performance components for the formation of a homogenous tempered air cushion between the samples. A thermal block with holes (where tubes hold the reaction mixtures) can be inserted.

Thermal cyclers can be different sizes (large, small, mini), models and capabilities (with gradient capability or without gradient capability).

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