Aerospray - Sample preparation systems


DESCRIPTION OF Aerospray - Sample preparation systems

The new Series 2 stainers fulfills Today’s needs for Laboratories, with an easy and intuitive 21st century interface.


The Aerospray TB automated slide stainer will stain acid-fast bacteria (AFB) using either carbol fuchsin or fluorescence reagents. The Aerospray TB stainer provides a wide range of staining settings with many possible variables, allowing you to adjust staining as you like for different types of specimens. Only fresh reagents are applied to the slides so there is no chance of slide-to-slide cross-contamination. The reagent consumption is very low, throughput is high using either the 12- or 30-slide slide carousel, and slides are dry and ready for the microscope in five minutes giving superior results.


With the addition of the optional Cytopro® Cytocentrifuge Rotor, the Aerospray TB is also able to deposit cells onto microscope slides.

SPECIFICATION OF Aerospray - Sample preparation systems

Applications: for microbiology, tissue
Operation: automatic
Configuration: bench-top
Preparation type: staining
Preparation format: slide
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