LiChrolut® Solid-Phase Extractor - Other sample management equipment

LiChrolut® Solid-Phase Extractor

DESCRIPTION OF LiChrolut® Solid-Phase Extractor - Other sample management equipment

The Reliable, Rapid Route to Successful Sample Preparation


The goal of solid-phase extraction is the selective isolation of target analytes from a complex sample, or much larger sample volume, prior to chromatography (e.g. HPLC, GC, TLC). As solid-phase extraction works on the principle of liquid chromatography, Merck Millipore's LiChrolut® columns use strong but reversible interactions between the analyte and surface of the stationary phase to ensure reliable and rapid extraction. Typical interactions include hydrophobic (Van-der-Waals forces), polar (hydrogen bonding, dipole-dipole forces) or ion exchange interactions.


Since interactions between the stationary phase and matrix should not occur, it is important to perform appropriate sample pretreatment. This allows the difference in chemical properties between the analyte and matrix components to be emphasized by altering the pH or the ionic strength of the sample solution. Under these conditions, the analyte is enriched as a narrow zone on the stationary phase. Subsequent to a washing step, which serves to remove possible adsorbed sample components, selective elution of the analytes can occur. can take care of all your needs, from providing you with detailed info and photos of our products to connecting you with the suppliers. Our partners can offer brand new medical equipment and excellent price – quality ratio. We are happy to provide our clients with an opportunity to find needed medical equipment online and choose a rich assortment of devices.
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