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A laboratory micro plate is a flat quadrangle plate- like structure with small holes used as testing tubes. It can have several holes or several hundreds of them.

Microplates are usually used for laboratory cell-based assays, drug discovery, analytic and clinical diagnostic researchers.

Microplates help to achieve optimal results in absorbance, cell culture, fluorescence, luminescence, label-free, high content, radiometric assays, Alpha and TR-FRET.

Microplates can be stored for long periods at low temperatures, that`s why microplates are mainly used for storing samples, reaction vessels, and test tubes.

Microplates can be divided according to the field of application:

- classic (made of polypropylene 96 well)
- screener (made of polypropylene 384 well and 1536 well)
- high performer (made from cycloolefin for acoustic liquid handling)

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