Laboratory freezers

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A laboratory freezer is a device used to freeze and cool substances. Different models differ in size and the minimal temperature they can seek. There are models that can seek -80 degrees Celsius.

Laboratory freezers provide safe storage for critical samples and offer secure features (advanced control system and alarms). Laboratory freezers also provide superior temperature uniformity and reliability.

Laboratory freezers can have function of manual or automatic defrost.

There are the following models of laboratory freezers: countertop, undercounter, upright and chest.

Types of the laboratory freezers:

1) under-counter freezers (with or without lock, -20 °C or -30 °C)
2) upright freezers (-20 °C)
3) ArcticTemp chest freezers (-20 °C, with manual defrost)
4) freezer combo (with refrigerator functions and frost free freezer)

Laboratory freezers have adjustable shelves for multiple types of sample containers accommodation, alarms, programmable thermostats, temperature monitor systems.

Ultra low freezers provide temperatures -80 °C or lower for high-value samples.

Laboratory freezers are used in pharmacy, clinical, medical, biological, life science and industrial applications because freezers provide safe, reliable, convenient and energy efficient.

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