SENTERRA II - Microscopes



The SENTERRA II defines a new level of spectroscopic performance and user friendliness in the class of compact Raman microscopes.

SENTERRA II is designed to deliver excellent sensitivity combined with high resolution and state-of-the-art imaging performance. Therefore, the SENTERRA II is the platform of choice for conducting the most challenging research. Due to its high degree of automation, compact size and efficient workflow, the SENTERRA II is the ideal tool for solving real world problems in the quality control laboratory.


The SENTERRA II allows measuring Raman images and combines the obtained spatially resolved molecular information with high-quality microscopic images of the sample. The analysis is performed contactless and without the need of sample preparation. Being suitable to be used for the detection, discrimination and identification of organic and inorganic materials the SENTERRA II has a wide range of applications.

• Failure analysis of pharma products, electronics and plastics: identification of particles, inclusions and inhomogeneity

• Imaging of the distribution of components in complex materials: multi-layer laminats, varnish, pharmaceutical tables

• Surfaces and interfaces: examination of composition and homogeneity

• Life Science: study of the molecular composition of cells and tissue

• Materials Science: characterization of new materials (silicon, carbon)

• Forensics: identification of trace evidence, drugs and explosives

• Art: determination of used materials


Type: Raman
Applications: laboratory
Ergonomics: compact
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