Microplate washers

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A microplate washer is a machine which is designed to clean microplates (to remove reagents from sample wells on microplates and prepare them for the next step). Microplate washers allow controlling the washing procedure of experimental samples in plate-based formats.

Microplate washers can also wash cell cultures, protein arrays, Western blots and beads, and can be applied in DNA purification protocols.

Microplate washers use 96- or 384-well plates for such applications as ELISA, microsphere-based and cell-based assays.

Microplate washers formats: strip, full plate, and combination washer-dispensers.

Models of microplates washer can be of 2 types:

1) Manual
2) Automatic

Microplate washer can have such functions as walk-up usability, automated rinse, flexibility in well plate size, crosswise aspiration.

To use a microplate washer a user needs to load a plate, select needed program, volume, step time and cycles. After that, a microplate washer dispenses, soaks and aspirates liquids from a plate in seconds.

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