Hematology analyzers

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A hematology analyzer is a special medical device for comprehensive analysis of blood samples. Hematology analyzers run tests on blood samples to do coagulation tests, reticulocyte analysis, white blood cell counts, complete blood counts.

Hematology analyzers can perform typical analysis in less than in a minute with counting rates of up to 10.000 cells per sec.  More sophisticated analyses can be performed by hematology analyzers up to 10 min. The typical sample size requirements are of 150μL of whole blood for the multiparameter analysis.

There are 3 main physical technologies used in hematology analyzers:

1) Electrical impedance
2) Flow cytometry
3) Fluorescent flow cytometry

These technologies are used in different combinations with chemical reagents that lyse or alter blood cells to extend the needed measurable parameters to detect and monitor different diseases. Electrical impedance is the traditional technology to count cells. This method is also known as the Coulter Principle which is used almost in every hematology analyzer.

Hematology analyzers can have different features such as closed vial testing, open sampling testing, the possibility to choose the preferred testing type, throughput, required sample size, autoloader capacity, testing modes type and quantity, available speed, results automatic flagging, test results capacity it can store, the capability to integrate with other systems., compatibility of vials and racks with other laboratory equipment.

Basic hematology analyzer returns a complete blood count (CBC) with a three-part differential white blood cell count (WBC).

Hematology analyzers can also be used for veterinary analysis.

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