Flow cytometers

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A flow cytometer is a laboratory device used for cell assortment and counting for rapid, accurate analysis for a variety of samples. Flow cytometers suspend cells in a fluid stream and pass them by an electronic detection system.

Flow cytometers analyze and quantify cells and such cell properties as cell viability, size, etc.

Flow cytometers include sample format, sample volume, wavelength range and source, automatic start-up, shutdown, cleaning.

Flow cytometers can perform partially or fully automated processing. Flow cytometers allow performing simultaneous multiparametric analysis up to thousands of particles per 1 sec. Modern flow cytometers can actively separate and isolate particles having specified properties.

Main components of flow cytometers:

1) Flow cell
2) Measuring system
3) Detector and ADC (Analog-to-Digital Conversion) system
4) Amplification system
5) Computer for signals analysis

Some models of flow cytometers can have a function of taking images and automation function for high-throughput analysis.

Flow cytometers can diagnose the blood cancer, protein expression, DNA and RNA quantification, make chromosome analysis, multidrug resistance and measure enzyme activity.

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