Colony counters

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A colony counter is a device for counting bacterial colonies in a culture plate. A colony counter consists of transparent, illuminated plate which is divided into sections of known area. Bacteria colonies are counted on a Petri dish within the viewed areas. Colony counters determine viable cells and analyze the cell width distribution.

Colony counters can use fluorescent labels or the contrast between light and dark areas on a sample plate to make a cell colony count for maximized working efficiency in a laboratory.

Typical applications of colony counters are Ames testing, bacterial mutation assays, E. coli bacterial colonies.

Types of colony counters:

1) Manual
2) Semiautomatic
3) Fully automatic

Colony counters can be of various sizes and formats and may include units for scanning 300*300 mm plates.

Colony counters can have such functions as dark field contrast, magnification, digital imaging, accommodation for multiple dish sizes or formats.

Colony counters rapidly accelerate medical and biological research procedures specifying the number of microbiological colonies on a sample plate.

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