Blood coagulation analyzers

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A blood coagulation analyzer is a system designed to measure blood coagulation. Blood coagulation is the process in which blood changes his condition from fluid to gel.

Blood coagulation analyzers measure a coagulation pathway speed, trombolin, thromboplastin and blood platelet levels in blood only in few minutes for diagnostic prevention from a heart attack and blood clots.

Blood coagulation analyzers can perform the storage up to 600 patients tests per well using bar-coded cuvettes and built-in quality control and security lockout protocols for safe and ensure usage.

Blood coagulation analyzers can be of different types and variations: handheld, benchtop, portable. Some models can have test platelet function, touch pens, alarm, memory function, USB port for the possibility to transfer data to a computer, and a small storage section for reagents.

There are 3 main methods of blood coagulation analyzers principles of operation:

1) Photometric 

2) Electromagnetic 

3) Mechanical impedance 

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